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We know how effective therapies can resolve a bunch of physical discomforts, including lack of detoxification, low metabolism, obesity, etc.



Our luxurious ambiance offers exclusive facilities to every exhausted individual to utilize their leisure in the blissful spa massages to enhance circulation in the body.


Hair Treatment

Our salon services offer contemporary hair treatments, including non-surgical hair replacement, hair weaving, etc.

Tranquility Massage and Wellness Center Nagpur

Massage Center in Nagpur


Feel the Ultimate Bliss of Refreshment

Say goodbye to all your body exertions and wipe out all stress on your mind. We have highly luxurious and seasoned accommodation for contemporary spa treatments. Our proven therapies in healthy, refreshing, and romantic aura offer ultimate relaxation both for body and mind. Our well-decorated and well-equipped ambiances create such moods, which rejuvenate the whole sensation of the body. Our magnificent backdrops bring a refreshing sequence of pleasure to restore the vigor of body and spirit of mind. Join our best spa in Nagpur to see off all the anxiety of daily routines.

Different alignments of modish salon equipment and spa furniture take care of your ultimate comfort zones at the best level. So, we are here to give your desired peace & pleasure, which turns you energetic through different refreshments-sessions while you feel exhausted in the race of daily routines. Therefore, in our Nagpur spa center, we give our best efforts through overall arrangements to pamper the body and souls of tired selves.


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We take care of the comfort level of our clients individually.

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We are always ready to serve you holistic treatment as per your requirements.

    Why Are We Best?

    Moss Spa, Massage Service Provider in Nagpur

    Our contemporary spa parlor has the latest equipment for innovative spa treatments. We offer a paradisal ambiance for therapies, body massages, and hair treatments. Our dedicated management team ensures clients do not have to face appointment-related complexities. We prefer to respect our client's leisure to book single or group appointments. Our booking agendas never make any client feel awkward canceling and rescheduling an appointment. We have a highly dedicated team of stylists and therapists who guide clients' appropriate skincare, body care, and hair treatment packages.

    Therefore, all these mind-blowing parameters of our beauty & wellness business make us one of the best Nagpur body spas.


    Best beauty salon & spa center

    We have picked the trends of highly effective therapies from Roman and medieval wellness history. Our skilled team follows unique treatments to extend the pleasure of the body and mind. The innovative combination of ultra-modern technologies and also the touch of Ayurveda make our Nagpur spa center one of the popular choices for the tired selves who are looking for the best spa near me.

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    • Hair Treatment Services


    Bilal SheikhBilal Sheikh
    13:26 03 Jun 22
    Deep tissue massage is amazing I went there for the first time. I booked an appointment for deep tissue. It was really amazing .very impressed with the overall services. Highly recommended...
    lavkush sahulavkush sahu
    15:16 14 May 22
    Amazing experience. The property is beautiful and the treatment is very luxurious. Very well trained and polite staff and overall a great atmosphere and vibe. They have a great selection of therapies. And I really enjoy the ayurvedic ones १०/१० highly recommended
    Moss Spa is a cool spa and comfortable in any way... Come sadly but, I sure you will go out happy and feeling moody and cool..Inside this shop air condition are freshy and neat and tidy everything..... Staff member are also professional in their job....Come here with you rbody week and got a good realive
    puitei bawitlungpuitei bawitlung
    15:05 08 May 22
    Had my first ever deep tissue massage here today some hours after I fell utterly incredible my body feels like it's shed 5 years of stress in a hour.Would recommend this place and this experience to anyone who has to deal with stress regularly it's amazing
    I had actually booked the spa for my mom on her birthday and it turned out great! The massage was very relaxing. Would like to especially mention their very courteous and professional staff who made the whole experience so great. They even wished my mom a happy birthday when we arrived. Its these little thingsthat made all difference. Would definitely recommend

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    The Nagpur spa salon offer body Spa, Message, hair wig, hair patch, hair extensions, prevention of hair loss, therapy of body by using Expert Female Therapist.

    The Nagpur spa is offering the best body treatment that will help the body to cure from injury and regular spa doesn’t offer this service. We have good environment spa with neat & clean space. Expert Female Therapist.

    The price varies to the services they provide and how famous their salon is

    Massage is known for its therapeutic benefits. It is valuable for people of all age groups. Since ancient times, massage has proven to be highly effective in releasing stress, improving blood circulation, maintaining a healthy heart, and enhancing joint flexibility and movement

    Here are too many benefits to receiving regular massage to not include it in a regular wellness routine…reducing stress, increasing flexibility and just feeling better! Who wouldn’t want that?

    Yes, having hair spa Nagpur is good for hair. It gives a boost to your hair, your hair becomes stronger. In simple term, it’s a kind of hair treatment.

    Yes, having hair spa Nagpur is good for hair. It gives a boost to your hair, your hair becomes stronger. In simple term, it’s a kind of hair treatment.

    Only hair spa & hair weaving it once or twice a week, unless you are physically active or get it dirty somehow. Washing it too much removes essential oils and nutrients from your scalp, making your hair weaker and more susceptible to damages

    There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to reduce hair loss problems naturally will vary depending on your specific situation. However, some general tips that may help include:
    Exercise regularly – Regular exercise has been shown to help promote healthy hair growth by increasing circulation and oxygen levels in the scalp.
    Use treatments that target specific causes of hair loss – Some treatments that have been shown to be effective at reducing hair loss include minoxidil (Rogaine), ketoconazole (Nizoral), and finasteride (Propecia). Speak with a doctor about which treatment is right for you.

    I think I am able to answer it because I am losing my hair slowly and due to which I am taking extra care of it.
    Let’s get straight to the point.
    I will divide this in to two categories.
    1.Physical care
    2.Medical care.

    Yes! Moss Spa Hair Weaving & Bonding will help your hair to grow, soft, shiny and healthy. Try to use natural hair spa or home hair spa. Using less chemical will help your hair grow healthier. People prefer to do permanent straightening or smoothing, but this will chemically treat your hair and make it weak.
    Hair Spa is better than smoothing and it makes hair look shiny and beautiful.
    Clean hair/scalp and proper nourishment helps hair to grow faster. You should do hair spa at least once a month, it is much cheaper than, smoothing and permanent straightening.
    You can check my hair care routine by visiting my site.

    This is when hair spa comes to our rescue. Hair spa treatment Nagpur is the perfect solution to get dandruff-free hair. It helps in healthy hair growth and helps regain its lost luster. However, the number of sessions required for this treatment depend on the extent of dryness in your hair. Also, hair spa should be part of your regular hair care routine. So, even when you get dandruff-free hair, it’s important that you don’t stop getting a hair spa. Use antidandruff shampoo regularly on hair.
    Take care

    Hair spa twice a month not only nourishes the hair but also enriches them, making them stronger, helps in regaining the shine and the length. Since every one of us are pressed for time and taking out time to visit a salon is not possible all the time, we can make a hair spa routine at home.
    Hair Spa Benefits for Thin Hair
    Benefit #1: Deep Conditions the Hair
    Benefit #2: Normalizes Oil Secretion
    Benefit #3: Stimulates Hair Growth
    Benefit #4: Repairs Damage

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